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Undergraduate Program

To declare a Latin American Studies major or minor contact lastadv@tulane.edu.

Latin American Studies prepares students for a job market that increasingly demands keen global sensibilities and the ability to work between cultures. Introducing diverse methodological and theoretical approaches to the study of Latin America, while providing a core interdisciplinary foundation in the humanities and social sciences, Latin American Studies prepares students to engage a broad spectrum of local and global phenomena with intellectual rigor and flexibility. Students may choose courses from twenty cooperating departments, taught by some seventy affiliated faculty specializing in the region. Interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives on the region offer students a depth of knowledge of hemispheric relations and build area expertise.  

The curriculum approaches Latin America as both a local and foreign culture, illuminating critical transnational issues such as immigration, climate change, cultural flows, security, and economic development that transcend the boundaries of the region. Students receiving this degree go on to careers in business, education, public service, government and humanitarian work, health care and health sciences, and law and advocacy, among others. Many graduates pursue careers in education or go on for more advanced degrees in Latin American Studies and a range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences including Sociology, Political Science, Anthropology, Art History, Communications, History and others. The major also provides a valuable supplement for those who subsequently pursue professional degrees in business, law, engineering, medicine, public health or other fields. Students majoring in Latin American Studies are urged to minor (or get a second major) in a core discipline such as anthropology, economics, history, literature, art history, political science, or sociology. 


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