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Tulane graduate Juan Carlos Monterrey Gomez leads youth movement in COP26

November 18, 2021 11:15 AM
Riley Moran

Tulane graduate Juan Carlos Monterrey Gomez represented Panama at the age of 29 in the COP26, the 26th climate conference held by the United Nations. Monterrey studied economics and international development after learning English in his home country with a Peace Corp volunteer. 

Monterrey is a leading voice in climate crisis mitigation. Panama is one of three carbon negative nations in the world, and lead the 2021 conference initiative to prioritize young people and their perspectives when mitigating climate change. 

COP26 provided opportunity for youth activists to converse and attempt to enact substantive change. “I want to make a call to the youth of the world: The most effective way to change a system is to get in the system,” Monterrey said. 

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