Travel Safety During COVID-19

All participants travelling abroad are required to:

  1. Be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before departing and have written proof of vaccination.
  2. Comply with in-country safety requirements including testing, contact tracing, and masking.
  3. Follow your tour leader’s safety guidance once you join the group.

We also recommend that all participants:

  1. Get a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot, if recommended by their primary healthcare professional. 
  2. Wear a high-quality mask while in public in your hometown and while traveling. It’s a good idea to have at least one clean mask per day of travel. Our team enjoys ordering from Bonafide Masks. If you prefer an American-made mask, see Project N95.
  3. Stay informed about the pandemic through science-based sources such as Your Local Epidemiologist, Our World in Data, and the CDC.

We will determine which trips are possible to run based on Tulane University safety and policies.

International Travel (READ CAREFULLY):

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tulane has revised requirements for university-related international travel. The Stone Center is working with campus leaders to finalize a protocol for booking flights that comply with all Tulane guidelines. Do NOT make any international travel arrangements until you receive detailed instructions from us.

Our program has implemented the health and safety procedures based on the university's international travel policy which aims to keep you safe from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. The policy will evolve as time goes on and as we continue to monitor local public health recommendations.