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Stone Center and Tinker Foundation Summer Research Symposium Held October 15, 2022

December 05, 2022 3:30 PM
Jasmine Lorenzana

On October 15, 2022, graduate students participated in an interdisciplinary research symposium from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Presenters received research grants from the Tinker Foundation and the Stone Center to conduct summer research projects in Latin America in various fields. Presenters gave 10-minute presentations where they summarized their summer projects, discussed challenges, and analyzed their work.

The researchers work in diverse fields including humanities, social sciences, public health, and ecology/environmental sciences. The symposium was organized into five interdisciplinary panels with five presenters in each panel followed by a Q and A session after each panel. The symposium program was as follows:


Panel 1 (8:30- 9:50)

“The Role of Olfaction in the Sociosexual Communication of White-faced Capuchins (Cebus imitator)”

 Nelle Kulick


“A Qualitative Evaluation of the Chagas Testing and Treatment Access Program in Tunja and Valle de Tenza, Boyacá”

Camila Rodriguez-Rojas


“Creative Writing and Pedagogy”

Camilo Gonzales Santos


"La Vida Que Yo Vivi and the Autobiography of the Peruvian Poet Magda Portal”

Santiago Perez Wicht


“A Pilot Study Evaluating Zoonotic Spillover Risk in Neotropical Birds”

Hannah Eiseman



Panel 2 (10-11:20)

 “Local Palm Density and its Effect on Seed Dispersal Patterns”

Vishal Narayan


“Cultural Resistance in Brasilia’s Marginalized Areas”

Luísa G Melo


“Stealing Home: Contentions of Nationalism in Cuban Baseball”

Eli Hunter


“Estallido Social in Chile: A Brief Literary Investigation of Its First Week”

Pablo Barra Requena


“Toucan Heterospecific Interactions Under Competitive Stress”

Chengkai Guo



Panel 3 (11:30-12:50)

“Haitian Creole in the Dominican Republic: Exploring the Bateyes” 

Kendall Medford


“Alla Por El Ancon, Community-led Proposals for Environmental Justice”

Ashley Ortiz Chico


 “Buccaneers in the Archivo General de Indias”

Victor Alfonso Medina Lugo


 “Creolese in the Classroom”

Emma Kainz


 “Kichwa Indigenous Digital Entrepreneurship: The Voices of Indigenous Women”

Sisa Tixicuro


Lunch 12:50-1:30


Panel 4 (1:30-2:45)

“Contested Empires: Eastern Cuba, Illicit Commerce, and the 17th Century Caribbean”

Keith Richards


“A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Conceptualization of Race and its Effect on Health in Panamá”

Briana Williams


“Memories of the Salvadoran Civil War: The Political Poetry of Amada Libertad”

Jasmine Lorenzana


“Effects of Avian Digestion on Melastome Seed Germination in the Chocó”

Katie Rompf


“Hummingbird Communities Across Varying Habitats in the Ecuadorian Choco”

Judith Santano




Panel 5 (3:00- 4:15)

“Impacts of Agricultural Development on Stress and Immunity in a Neotropical Fruit Bat”

Phoebe Reuben


“Figures in the Archives: Preliminary Field Research on Full-Figure Inscriptions in Mexico City”

Catherine Nuckols-Wilde


“Understanding Afro-Mineiridade”

Carolina Timoteo de Oliveira


“Latin in Latin America”

Xena Fitzgerald


“How I Lost My Voice: The Return of Poetry Slam Communities to São Paulo Streets”

Natalia Ospina García