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Populism: Latin America in Comparative Perspective


Populism: Latin America in Comparative Perspective

Uptown Campus

On the 15th of February, CIPR (Tulane University) held an international Conference on Populism. There were three panels: in the first, Populism and Democracy, Enrique Peruzzotti (Universidad Di Tella, Argentina), Gerardo Aboy (Universidad de San Martin, Argentina) and Raul Sanchez Urribarri (La Trobe University, Australia) analyzed the dynamics of populism in power, the pertinence of certain theoretical assumptions about classic populism, and the connections between populist regime politics and judicial dynamics. In the second panel, Populism, Parties and Ideology, David Smilde (Tulane University, USA), Moira MacKinnon (Universidad de Tres de Febrero, Argentina) and Humberto Cucchetti (CONICET, Argentina) explored the functions of populist ideology in generating support among the population, the relations between leader and followers within a populist party, and the connections between the Pope's ideology and Peronism. In the final panel, Global Populism, Andres Malamud (Lisboa University, Portugal), Carlos Waisman (University of California, San Diego, USA) and Manuel Anselmi (Unitelma Sapienza, Italy) examined the effect of populism in presidential meetings for regional integration, the different generative contexts of populism in Latin America, Europe and the US, and the development of various theoretical interpretations of populism in a global perspective.

Stone Center for Latin American Studies