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Indigenous People’s Day Across Louisiana


K-12 Educator Workshops Move Online

The Louisiana Archaeological Society/Delta Chapter guest speaker series will be hosting Francisco Estrada-Belli, Research Assistant Professor in the Tulane University Department of Anthropology and the Middle American Research Institute for a talk titled The Scaling Factor: How Lidar Technology is Changing our views on Maya Agriculture and Settlement.

The Middle American Research Institute is happy to announce the second talk of the 2018-2019 Brown Bag talk series. Director of MARI Marcello A. Canuto, research assistant professor Francisco Estrada-Belli, and graduate student Luke Auld-Thomas will present their research in a talk titled Ancient Lowland Maya Complexity as Revealed by Airborne Laser Scanning of Northern Guatemala.

This collaborative workshop is designed for middle to high school Social Studies educators to enhance the teaching of the Tunica community while highlighting this group as part of a series of ancient civilizations currently taught at the K-12 level. This workshop is the first one in the series aimed at increasing and extending the current teaching of ancient civilizations in the Americas.


In collaboration with the Annual Tulane Maya Symposium, this workshop focuses on foods of the Maya. Participants will explore the foods of the Maya focusing on the role of food over time. Join us as we hear from Maya Master Teacher, Ellen Cohen, Anthropologist and researcher of chocolate, Professor Kathryn Sampeck and Kaqchikel language scholar from Guatemala, Ixnal Cuma Chávez who will discuss the importance of the tortilla and tamal in contemporary Maya traditions.