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Markets, the State, and Democracy in Latin America: Spring Series: Now on Zoom


Markets, the State, and Democracy in Latin America: Spring Series: Now on Zoom


Blue poster with information on the Markets, the state, and democracy in Latin America, A cartoon hand drops a globe into a ballot. There are silhouettes of flags and information on event series.

In the 2020 Spring series, Markets, the State, and Democracy in Latin America, speakers will discuss voter behavior, public opinion and political psychology in Latin America, amidst traditional challenges like clientelism and political polarization and new ones such as the influence of China. These presentations collectively explore how voters in Latin America are torn between multiple competing forces and how difficult the challenge of effective democratic representation remains in the region.

11:45 in the Greenleaf Conference room Please RSVP to CIPR@tulane.edu

February 17 Prof. Scott Morgenstern (University of Pittsburgh): Battling for Hearts and Minds of Latin America: Covariance of Attitudes towards the United States and China March 16 Prof. Taylor Boas (BU) A Kingdom of this World: Evangelicals and Electoral Politics in Latin America April 3 Prof. Abby Cordova (University of Kentucky) Vote Buying and Voter Turnout in Compulsory Voting Systems in Latin America: Implications for the Political Behavior of the Poor

For more information e-mail cipr@tulane.edu or view the poster.

[Please note: The March 9th talk with Prof. Daniel Hidalgo has been cancelled.]