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The LAST 100: A Century of Tulane and Latin America

March 13, 2023 2:30 PM

The Stone Center will celebrate 100 years of research and teaching in the field of Latin American Studies at Tulane University in 2024. In preparation, we are assembling historical documentation of this endeavor, with a particular focus on the creation of academic programs starting in the 1940s. Some of the core elements of this project include:

  1. The creation of a digital collection that includes both historical sources (documents, press, photographs, videos) and contemporary knowledge (interviews, oral histories, event records)
  2. The recording of audiovisual content (personal profiles, conversations, oral histories) featuring current and former faculty, staff, and students.

These sources will be brought together in a sustainable digital humanities exhibit/site (Scalar) to engage both general and academic audiences in the story of Latin American Studies at Tulane. The LAST 100 commemoration will culminate in a series of in-person academic and celebratory events beginning in Spring 2024.

How can you participate?

We seek your meaningful contributions to our digital collection. Please submit your question or comment to rtsclas@tulane.edu

Project Staff at the Stone Center for Latin American Studies:

  • Thomas F. Reese, Executive Director—Creative Leadership and Research
  • Valerie McGinley, Associate Director, Administration—Strategic planning, Administrative Coordination, and Budget Oversight
  • Hannah Palmer, Assistant Director, Academic Projects and Programs – Audiovisual Supervision, Administrative Coordination
  • Alejandro Kelly-Hopfenblatt and Olivia Cosentino, Zemurray-Stone Postdoctoral Fellows– Digital Storytelling
  • Patricia Lagarde, Archivist and Curator– Metadata, Digital Collection, and Physical Archive Supervision
  • Clarice Castillo López, Audio/Video Technician – Audiovisual Planning, Execution, and Editing
  • Cami M. Maggiore De Almeida, Kaillee Coleman, Nicole Jozwik, Emma Kainz, María Carrillo Marquina, Kendall Medford, Carolina Helena Timóteo de Olivera, Lauren Romaguera – File Manipulation and Scanning, Metadata Entry, Data Collection, Filming Assistance, Research and Information Organization