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Language Teachers Have Fun Too!

October 26, 2022 10:15 AM
Denise Woltering-Vargas

One evening in October (October 11th, 2022) 12 middle and high school Spanish teachers from the metro New Orleans area teamed up to play new games for the language classroom. The K-12 educator workshop, Gamify the Language Classroom provided the first opportunity for two brand new games to be released to the public –Nolatería and NOLAdigas. Both games infuse New Orleans culture into traditional and popular games such as the Mexican Lotería game and Taboo. Educators, Nallerdy Ramírez and Megwen Loveless shared their new games with the group over delicious tamales de rajas and tacos from El Pavo Real. Check out the presentations and resources on the importance of playing games in the language classroom by visiting our digital folder here.

Gameify The Language Classroom

If interested in joining us for an upcoming workshop, please join the Latin American Resource Center listserv. This workshop was co-sponsored by our colleagues at AfterCLASS, a space for local teachers that provides access to academic and wellness resources, promotes collaboration with other educators, and designs and facilitates ongoing professional development experiences.