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Ancient Civilizations K-16 Series for Social Studies Educators


Ancient Civilizations K-16 Series for Social Studies Educators

Uptown Campus

Ancient Civilizations K-16 Educator Workshop Series  Spring 2020

For educators of grade levels: K-12

Tulane University's Middle American Research Institute (MARI), Stone Center for Latin American Studies (SCLAS), S.S. NOLA, and AfterCLASS will host a professional development workshop series open to all K-16 school professionals. These workshops will challenge educators to learn about the unexpected impact and connections of Ancient civilizations from Central America to the Gulf South. In particular, the workshops will foster a deeper comprehension of how to incorporate art, language and food across the disciplines. Participants will learn unique ways to incorporate the Tunica, Maya and Aztec cultures into the classroom in a variety of subjects.  Registration for each workshop is $5 and includes light snacks, teaching resources, and a certificate of completion.

The workshop series will prepare teachers:

* To utilize digital humanities resources in the classroom; * To design culturally appropriate primary and secondary research projects; * To teach about Pre-Columbian and ancient civilizations, language, geography and foods; * To encourage student self-determination through meaningful and relevant cultural projects.

Saturday, January 25, 2020 9:00 am - 12:00 pm The Tunica of the Lower Mississippi River Valley  Middle American Research Institute - Seminar Room  6823 St. Charles Avenue This workshop will introduce participants with little or no prior knowledge to ancient Tunica history, art, and language, with special focus on the role of food and native foods of this region. Participants will explore the physical, cultural and linguistic characteristics of the region.  Representatives of the Tunica community will introduce their language and culture and the work they do to preserve their language.

*Friday, March 6, 2020* 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Understanding Maya Fare: Beyond Tamales and Cacao  AfterCLASS - Taylor Education Center 612 Andrew Higgins Blvd. #4003 In collaboration with the Annual Tulane Maya Symposium, this workshop focuses on foods of the Maya. Participants will explore the foods of the Maya focusing on the role of food over time. Join us as we hear from chocolate specialists and our Kaqchikel language scholar will discuss the importance of corn. "REGISTER HERE."   *Thursday, April 29, 2020* 7:00 - 8:30 PM Teaching Aztec History through Art 

Participants in this workshop will explore the art and culture of the Aztec community. This workshop has moved online and will consist of a 60 minute online webinar that includes an introduction to teaching Aztec history, a discussion of different art objects that the Aztecs created which reveal insights into their history, and a discussion of new online resources to incorporate into your teaching.

The webinar is free an open to educators of all grade levels. In order to access the session, please "register here."