About CCSI

The Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute evolved out of several years of sustained effort in developing relations with Cuban counterpart organizations for the purposes of academic collaboration and exchange, curricular development, cultural exchange and international development and dialogue. In addition, the Institute fosters and coordinates Cuba-related initiatives in other units of the University, such as in the Schools of Architecture, Social Work, and Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Reflecting the success of these efforts, Tulane University in recent years has had a greater presence of faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students in Cuba than any other American university.

The Institute runs the first and largest US undergraduate study program in Cuba, the Summer in Cuba, and organizes a wide range of lectures and musical events on campus and short courses in Cuba. There is a steady stream of Cuban visitors to the Tulane campus, Cuban intellectuals lecturing in courses, etc. The Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute also offers a Speakers Series to the academic community and general public, where experts on Cuba are invited to Tulane to discuss policy and other issues of interest.

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