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2018 Annual Stone Center Awards Ceremony

May 11, 2018 12:15 PM
Riley Moran

Last week, undergraduate and graduate students were honored at the annual Stone Center Awards Ceremony. A large portion of these awards include “Best Paper” prizes, where students are nominated by Stone Center faculty for submitting various research papers across a range of fields, that focus on subjects in Latin America. The recipients of these awards, as well as others, are listed below. Congratulations to all of our winners!

LAGO Outstanding Faculty Member Service Award:
Pamela Neumann and Kris Lane

LAGO Outstanding Staff Member Service Award:
Valerie McGinley

LAGO Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award:
Joseph Hiller

Simón Rodríguez Award for Best Undergraduate Teacher:
Megwen Loveless

William J. Griffith Award for Outstanding Teaching Assistant in Latin American Studies:
Amy Medvick

Best Campuswide Undergrad Paper on a Latin American Topic:
Cecily Montgomery, "FOCEM: An Alternative to Traditional Hegemonic Development Arrangements?" (Political Science). Nominated by Dr. Casey Love

Alberto Vázquez Prize for best paper in the Humanities by an LAST Undergrad Major/Minor:
Abigail Cramer, "The Art of Creative Compromise: Feminist Street Art Collective Rede Nami's Comprehensive Approach to Empowering Women" (Latin American Studies). Nominated by Dr. Edie Wolfe

Victoria and Harvey Bricker Prize for best paper in the Social Sciences by an LAST Undergrad Major/Minor:
Reyna Fa-Kaji, "Weak Foundations: Public Housing and the Pursuit of Citizenship in Brazil" (Latin American Studies), Nominated by Dr. Edie Wolfe

Best Campuswide Graduate Paper on a Latin American Topic:
María Beatriz H. Carrión, "Mexican Angelus Novus, Popular Culture Chaos as Archive" (Art History), Nominated by Dr. Adrian Anagnost

Donald Robertson Prize for best paper in the Humanities by an LAST Graduate Student:
Hayley Woodward, "Compressing History: Excavating Meaning from the Codex Xolotl Fragments" (Latin American Studies/Art History). Nominated by Dr. Jimmy Huck

Richard E. Greenleaf Prize for best paper in the Social Sciences by an LAST Graduate Student:
Karla Rosas, "From Suffering Mothers to Transformative Healers: Constructions of Indigenous Womanhood in the Zapatista Movement" (Latin American Studies), Nominated by Dr. Pamela Neumann