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Lauren Romaguera is a Ph.D. candidate at the Stone Center for Latin American Studies. As a Miami native and daughter of Cuban exiles, she has been surrounded by Latin culture all her life and feels personally invested in transnationalism, issues of social justice, migration, and the identity politics of marginalized communities. She earned her B.A. in Literature in 2013 from Florida International University, where she explored parallel themes of the exilic experience. She began teaching Philosophy at a middle school soon after and implored her students to think critically and be active members of society. She completed her Master’s degree in Literature, as she worked as a graduate instructor teaching classes on Composition/Rhetoric and Social Justice. Her thesis, entitled “Identification Through Movement: Dance as the Embodied Archive of Memory, History, and Cultural Identity,” explores dance as a conduit of history, supplying multiple tellings of history and historiography. During her graduate career she was an active member of many university and community projects. She co-founded and ran the Sanctuary Campus division of her university, was nominated Vice President of the Women’s Studies Organization, and was a research volunteer for the Cuban Research Institution. For her doctoral research she seeks to further problematize hegemonic tellings of history through the performativity of cultural memory in a Caribbean context.

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