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Solar Technology Policy Analyst, Washington DC

After graduating from Tulane in 2007, Kristen stayed in New Orleans to work on post-Katrina environmental challenges. In 2008 she began studying for a Masters degree in International Environmental Policy at the University of California San Diego’s school of International Relations and Pacific Studies (IR/PS). Kristen is currently based in Washington, D.C., where she works fro the National Renewable Energy Laboratory as a Solar Technology Markets and Policy Analyst.

Kristen reflects on her LAST degree…

Why did you choose to major in Latin American Studies? I chose to major in Latin American Studies to gain a targeted, regional expertise and expand my language skills.

How has your background in LAST helped you since graduation? The interdisciplinary coursework at Tulane‘€™s Latin American Studies program develops fundamental analytic and research skills, broadly applicable to several professions, while enabling students to specialize as well. In today‘€™s career landscape, it is valuable to be able to step into a variety of positions, while distinguishing oneself with an area of focus. In this manner, Tulane‘€™s Latin American Studies program enables professional flexibility, while also distinguishing graduates with a breadth and depth of expertise. My Latin American Studies background has afforded me the opportunity to conduct carbon planning and energy project work throughout the region‘€“including Ecuador, Brazil, and Chile.

Any words of wisdom for LAST undergraduates? If one has an interest in, and passion for the region, I can think of no better opportunity than LAST to gain the insight and skills necessary to turn that interest and passion into a career.

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