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Stone Center People

Jason S. Nesbitt


  • B.A., Simon Fraser University, Archaeology, 2000
  • M.A., Trent University, Anthropology, 2003
  • M. Phil., Yale University, Anthropology, 2007
  • Ph.D., Yale University, Anthropology, 2012

Academic Experience

  • Co-Instructor, Anthropology 277 (Archaeological Field Techniques) and Anthropology 278 (Archaeology Laboratory I). Department of Anthropology, Yale University, 2009
  • Associated Investigator, Escuela Académico Profesional de Arqueología, Departamento de Antropología e Arqueología, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, Perú, 2007-2008


  • BOR Targeted Enhancement Research Grant, “Modernizing Methods to Study the Ancient Past: Enhancing the Research Potential of the Center for Archaeology,” 2020-2021
  • Stone Center Summer Faculty Research Grant, Tulane University, 2013
  • William Shirley Fulton Fellowship in Archaeology Endowment, Yale University, 2005-2006
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Fellowship, #752-2007-0508, “Early Sociopolitical Organization at Caballo Muerto, Peru,” 2007-2008
  • GeoEye Foundation, for the acquisition of IKONOS satellite imagery of the Caballo Muerto Complex, Peru, 2009
  • Richard Gilder Graduate School at the American Museum of Natural History, Collections Study Grant (for the study of the Initial Period ceramic collection from Huaca Prieta, Peru), 2009
  • Sigma Xi, Grants in Aid of Research, #G2009101995, “Radiocarbon Dating of El Niño Events at Huaca Cortada: Implications for Human-Environment Dynamics in Ancient Peru,” 2009


  • Spanish
  • French

Overseas Experience

  • Peru

Related Experience

Chavín Hinterlands Project, Ancash, Peru, 2014-present Campanayuq Rumi Project, Ayacucho, Peru, 2013-present Campanayuq Rumi Project, Ayacucho, Peru, 2013-present American Museum of Natural History, study of ceramic assemblage from Huaca Prieta, Peru, 2009 Principal investigator, Archaeological excavations at the Caballo Muerto Complex, Peru, 2007-2008 Archaeological excavations at Cardal, Peru. Under the Direction of Dr. Richard L. Burger and Lucy Salazar, Department of Anthropology, Yale University, 2007 Research Assistant, Machu Picchu Collection, Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University, 2006-2007

Selected Publications

  • 2021 [in press]. Early Monumental Architecture on the North Coast of Peru: Archaeological Excavations of the Caballo Muerto Complex. Yale University Publications in Anthropology, New Haven, Connecticut.
  • 2021 [in press]. The Archaeology of the Upper Amazon: Complexity and Interaction in the Andean Tropical Forest. edited by Ryan Clasby and Jason Nesbitt. . University Press of Florida, Gainesville.
  • 2021 [in press]. Nesbitt, Jason, Rachel Johnson, and Bebel Ibarra Asencios. Connections Between the Chavín Heartland and the Upper Amazon: New Perspectives from Canchas Uckro (1100-850 BC). In The Archaeology of the Upper Amazon: Complexity and Interactio
  • 2020 [in press]. Washburn, Eden, Jason Nesbitt, Bebel Ibarra, Lars Fehren-Schmitz and Vicky M. Oelze. A Strontium Isoscape for the Conchucos Region of Highland Peru and its Application to Andean Archaeology. PLOS One.
  • 2020 [in press]. Haldon, John, Arlen Chase, Martin Medina Elizalde, Adam Izdebski, Francis Ludlow, Guy Middleton, Lee Mordechai, Jason Nesbitt, and B.L. Turner II. Demystifying Collapse: Climate, Environment, and Social Agency in Pre- Modern Societies. Mi
  • 2020. “Ancient Agriculture and Climate Change on the North Coast of Peru.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117(40): 24617-14619.
  • 2020. Washburn, Eden, Jason Nesbitt, Richard L. Burger, Elsa Tomasto, Vicky M. Oelze, and Lars Fehren-Schmitz. “Maize and Dietary Change in Early Peruvian Civilization: Isotopic Evidence from the Late Preceramic Period/Initial Period Site of La Galgada.”
  • 2020. Nesbitt, Jason, Bebel Ibarra, Fuyaki Tokanai. “The Architecture and Chronology of Reparín, Eastern Ancash, Peru.” Nawpa Pacha. Journal of Andean Archaeology 40(1). 41-59.
  • 2019. Nesbitt, Jason, Yuichi Matsumoto and Yuri Cavero. “Campanayuq Rumi and Arpiri: Two Civic-Ceremonial Centers on the Southern Periphery of the Chavín Interaction Sphere.” Nawpa Pacha. Journal of Andean Archaeology 39(1): 57-75.
  • 2019. Wealth in People: An Alternative Perspective on Initial Period Monumental Architecture from Huaca Cortada. In New Perspectives on Early Andean Civilization: Interaction, Authority, and Socioeconomic Organization during the 1st and 2nd Millennia BC,
  • 2019. Nesbitt, Jason, Rachel Johnson, and Rachel Horowitz. “Was Obsidian Utilized to Shear Camelids in Ancient Peru? An Experimental and Use-Wear Approach,” Ethnoarchaeology. Journal of Archaeological, Ethnographic and Experimental Studies 11(1): 80-94.
  • 2019. Matsumoto, Yuichi, Yuri Cavero, and Jason Nesbitt. Excavaciones Arqueologicas en Campanayuq Rumi, Vilcashuaman, Ayacucho: Tercera Temporada de Campo (2016). In Actas del IV Congreso Nacional de Arqueologia (Volumen II), pp. 45-54. Ministerio de Cult
  • 2018. Matsumoto, Yuichi, Jason Nesbitt, Michael Glascock, Yuri Cavero, and Richard Burger. Interregional Obsidian Exchange during the late Initial Period and Early Horizon: New Perspectives from Campanayuq Rumi. Latin American Antiquity 29: 44-63.
  • 2016. “El Niño and Second-Millennium B.C. Monument Building at Huaca Cortada (Moche Valley, Peru),” Antiquity 90: 638-653.
  • 2013. Gamboa Velásquez, Jorge and Jason Nesbitt. ‘€œLa Ocupación Moche en la Margen Norte del Valle Bajo de Moche, Costa Norte del Peru.‘€ Arqueología y Sociedad 25:115-142.
  • 2012. Matsumoto, Yuichi, Jason Nesbitt, and Denesy Palacio. Mitomarca: A Possible Fortification in the Upper Huallaga Basin. Andean Past 10: 272-278.
  • 2012. An Initial Period Domestic Occupation at Huaca Cortada, Caballo Muerto Complex. Andean Past 10: 278-283.
  • 2010. Nesbitt, Jason, Belkys Gutiérrez, and Segundo Vásquez. Excavaciones en Huaca Cortada, Complejo Caballo Muerto: Un Informe Preliminar. Boletín de Arqueología PUCP 12 (2008): 261-286.
  • 2010. Gamboa Velásquez, Jorge and Jason Nesbitt. Huaca San Idelfonso y la Ocupación Moche en la Margen Norte del Valle Bajo de Moche, Costa Norte del Perú. ANTI: Revista del Centro de Investigaciones Precolombinas 9: 47-107.
  • 2010. López-Hurtado, Enrique and Jason Nesbitt. Provincial Religious Centers in the Inka Empire: Propagators of Official Ideology or Spaces for Local Resistance? In Comparative Perspectives on the Archaeology of Coastal South America, edited by Robyn Cutr

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