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Gabriela Alemán


Ecuadorian writer Gabriela Alemán is one of the premier voices in Latin American Literature today. Best known for her fiction, she has published 9 collections of short stories, 3 novels, 1 play, and 1 essay collection. Her most recent releases are the English translation of her 2007 novel Poso Wells and the Spanish-language novel Humo, which won the Premio Joaquín Gallegos Lara for fiction in Ecuador in 2017. The exceptional creativity of Alemán’s writing has garnered her international acclaim, including a Guggenheim fellowship and a place among the Bogotá39, the 2007 Hay Festivals list of the best 39 Latin American writers under the age of 39. In addition to her writing, Alemán has worked as a journalist, editor, researcher and translator, and has played professional women's basketball. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English Studies from Cambridge University, a Masters in Latin American Literature from the Universidad Andina Simón Bolivar, and a Ph.D. in Film Studies from Tulane, where her dissertation was supervised by Dr. Ana López. Now on the faculty of Universidad de San Francisco in Quito, she was a Greenleaf Scholar in Residence in the spring of 2019 at the Stone Center and returns this fall to continue the Latin American Writers Series at Tulane.


  • PhD, Tulane University, Spanish & Portuguese, 2003
  • Magíster en Letras Latinoamericanas, Universidad Andina Simón Bolivar, 1996
  • Diploma of English Studies, Cambridge University, Translations Degree: Espanol-Inglés & Inglés-Espanol, 1991

Selected Fiction

  • 2017. Humo, Ed. Penguin Random House, Colombia.
  • 2014. La muerte silba un blues, Ed. Penguin Random House, Colombia.
  • 2014. Cusco, espejo de cosmografías, Antología del Relato Iberoamericano, Ed. Karina Pacheco Medrano, Cusco.
  • 2014. Sólo cuento, Ed. Mayra Santos-Febres, UNAM, México D.F.
  • 2013. Prisión de ámbar, Ed. Yiyi Jambo Cartonera, Paraguay (cuento).
  • 2013. Amor y desamor en la Mitad del Mundo, Muestra del Cuento Ecuatoriano Contemporáneo, Ed. Arte y Literatura, La Habana.
  • 2013. Utópica Penumbra, Antología de literatura fantástica ecuatoriana, Colección Sur Editores, La Habana.
  • 2013. Utópica Penumbra, Antología de literatura fantástica ecuatoriana, Campana de Lectura Eugenio Espejo, Quito.
  • 2011. Ecuador de Feria, Ed. Raúl Vallejo, Ed. Planeta , Bogotá.
  • 2011. Cinco metros de cuentos perversos, Ed. Textofilia, México, 2011.
  • 2010. Álbum de Familia, Ed. Estruendomudo, Lima, Perú.

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