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Social Action, Community Planning, and Public Policy is an area that the Stone Center is actively promoting as a new area for common faculty initiatives. The goal is to define projects that cut across not only the traditional divisions among society, politics, and economy, but also the practices of professional programs dedicated to protecting human rights, providing human and community services that improve human health and welfare, and developing models that promote greater social, political, and economic equity in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Katie Acosta (Sociology): Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, US Latinos
Stephanie Arnett (Sociology):
Mary Clark (Political Science): Costa Rica
Günther Handl (Law): General Latin America, Central America
David Hotchkiss (Public Health & Tropical Medicine): General Latin America
James Huck (Latin American Studies & Political Science): Mexico
Martha Huggins (Sociology): Brazil
Paul Lewis (Political Science): Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil
Kate Macintyre (Public Health & Tropical Medicine): Cuba
David Ortiz (Sociology): Mexico, Colombia
Mauro Pereira Porto (Communication): Brazil
Tony Pereira (Political Science): Southern Cone
Diego Rose (Public Health & Tropical Medicine): Central America
Jeffrey Stacey (Political Science): General Latin America
Aaron Schneider (Political Science): Mexico, Brazil
Raymond Taras (Political Science): Cuba, Nicaragua





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Kaqchikel Language Table

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Join Kaqchikel learners and speakers at all levels to practice your language skills at this bi-monthly conversation table. It’s the holiday season on Dec. 2. Join Mtro. Marco Antonio Guaján (aka Mokchewan) to compare your favorite holiday celebrations.

Link to join:

This event is co-sponsored by the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Kansas.