Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

Tulane University


Art, Ethnography and History are areas of longstanding strength at Tulane with special distinction in Mexican and Central American studies. History, anthropology, and art history have deep roots at Tulane and remain preeminent programs.

Rosanne Adderley (History): Caribbean
E. Wyllys Andrews V (Anthropology): Central America, Mesoamerica
William Balée (Anthropology): Brazil
Florencia Bazzano-Nelson (Art History): Argentina, Mexico
Elizabeth Boone (Art History): Mesoamerica
James Boyden (History): Spain, Atlantic World
Victoria Bricker (Anthropology Emeritus): Mexico
Marcelo Canuto (Anthropology): Mesoamerica
Lupe García (History): Caribbean
Richard Greenleaf (History Emeritus): Mexico
Robert Hill (Anthropology): Mexico
Dan Healan (Anthropology): Mexico
Katherine Jack (Anthropology): Ecuador, Costa Rica
Jana Lipman (History): Caribbean
Colin MacLachlan (History): Mexico, Brazil
Judith Maxwell (Anthropology): Guatemala
Katherine Nelson (Anthropology): Peru
Thomas Reese (Art History): Mexico, Panama, Argentina
Susan Schroeder (History): Mexico
John Verano (Anthropology): Peru
Justin Wolfe (History): Central America
Ralph Lee Woodward (History Emeritus): Central America
Gertrude Yeager (History): Chile, Bolivia





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Kaqchikel Language Table

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Join Kaqchikel learners and speakers at all levels to practice your language skills at this bi-monthly conversation table. It’s the holiday season on Dec. 2. Join Mtro. Marco Antonio Guaján (aka Mokchewan) to compare your favorite holiday celebrations.

Link to join:

This event is co-sponsored by the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Kansas.