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Literature, Performance and Cultural Studies is a rising area of strength with special distinction in Central American, Caribbean, Brazilian, and Southern Cone studies; it is characterized by extraordinary interdisciplinary dynamism and represents a distinctive niche of excellence for Tulane among Latin American Studies programs in the United States.

Rebecca Atencio (Spanish & Portuguese): Brazil
Idelber Avelar (Spanish & Portuguese): Brazil, Argentina, Chile
Laura Bass (Spanish & Portuguese): New Spain
Jean-Godefroy Bidima (French & Italian):
Antonio Gómez (Spanish & Portuguese): Argentina, Cuba
John Charles (Spanish & Portuguese): Peru
Gaurav Desai (English): Caribbean
Hortensia Calvo (Latin American Library): Latin America
Christopher Dunn (Spanish & Portuguese): Brazil
Pamela Franco (Art History): Caribbean
Harry Howard (Spanish & Portuguese): Latin America
Thomas Klingler (French & Italian): Caribbean, Louisiana
Ana López (Communication): Latin America
Vicki Mayer (Communication): U.S. Latinos
Marilyn Miller (Spanish & Portuguese): Caribbean
Supriya Nair (English): Caribbean
Marie Paul (French & Italian): Haiti
Tatjana Pavlovic (Spanish & Portuguese): Spain, Argentina
Mauro Porto (Communication): Brazil
Fernando Rivera-Díaz (Spanish & Portuguese): Mexico
Maureen Shea (Spanish & Portuguese): Central America
Felipe Smith (English): Caribbean
Dan Sharp (Music): Brazil
Richard Watts (French & Italian): Caribbean, Louisiana





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Kaqchikel Language Table

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Join Kaqchikel learners and speakers at all levels to practice your language skills at this bi-monthly conversation table. It’s the holiday season on Dec. 2. Join Mtro. Marco Antonio Guaján (aka Mokchewan) to compare your favorite holiday celebrations.

Link to join:

This event is co-sponsored by the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Kansas.