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Cuban musicologist Heidy Cepero Recoder reflects on her time at Tulane and Kennesaw State University

April 20, 2020 9:45 AM
Riley Moran

Adelante.cu, a periodical based in Camaguey, Cuba, recently published a feature on musicologist Heidy Cepero Recoder’s visit to the U.S., which included a talk at Tulane University on February 10th. In her presentation, “Cuba’s Haitian-Heritage Communities: Vodú, Religious Practice, Music, and Performance,” Cepero Roder explored the ways in which people of Haitian descent in Cuba continue to practice a unique form of the Vodú religion, in which music plays a critical role. Cepero Recoder also visited Kennesaw State University in Georgia, where she spoke on “Afro-Caribbean Elements in Cuban Music.” In her interview with Adelante.cu, she affirms that by sharing rich musical, pedagogical, and spiritual traditions, students and faculty embrace Cuba’s Afro-Caribbean roots and identity.

To read “Estados Unidos-Cuba: El ‘abrazo’ de la música” by Yanetsy León González on Adelante.cu, click here. The article also features a video of her full presentation a Kennesaw State University.