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The Latin American Resource Center Continues to Expand!

October 25th, 2011

Photo courtesy of Bradley Hentschel

Fall 2011

Have you checked out the Lending Library lately??
Lending Library circulation is once again in full swing after our annual summer inventory. The LARC Lending Library contains a robust 4,000 item-collection that includes films, books, maps, slide collections, and curriculum guides all focusing on Latin America and Latin American issues.
The LARC Lending Library is a free service (all you have to pay is return shipping) funded by Title VI of the US Department of Education. Our catalog can be searched online, and our new online user registration and request portal are more streamlined and user-friendly than ever. For detailed information on requesting materials, click here.
We have added several great items to our collection, including all of the films showcased at our recent Summer Film Institute, Through the Lens: Teaching Latin America through Film, co-sponsored by Vanderbilt University and Millsaps College. (See link for full event description.). These include _Bananas! At Any Cost?_* about a controversial legal case in Nicaragua against Dole Food Company; Machuca, a Chilean film set in 1973 about friendship, growing up, and class issues against the backdrop of a military coup d’état; the classic Cabeza de Vaca, which tells the story of a Spanish expedition in 1528 and subsequent clashes as the Spanish attempted to enslave Native Americans; Viva Cuba, the modern-day story of two 12 year-olds who become friends despite their disparate backgrounds and the factors of family and the Cuban migratory laws that threaten to separate them; and Favela Rising, a documentary set in Brazil‘€™s slums or ‘€œfavelas‘€ about the grassroots Afro Reggae movement and its attempts to offer young people a creative outlet and social alternative to joining gangs. Participants from the Institute are currently working on developing curricula to further facilitate the use of these films in the K-12 classroom.
We also have two new films relating to our upcoming event, Jewish Latin America teacher workshop, which will be held on Saturday, January 14, 2012. These are Expulsion and Memory, a film about descendants of Spanish Jews who were made to adopt Catholicism, and Novia Que Te Vea (Like a Bride), the story of two Jewish girls who become friends in Mexico City in the 1960s.
If you would like to search our holdings for these items or others and take advantage of this great service, click here. As always, we encourage you to contact us via phone or email if you would like suggestions of classroom materials which highlight particular themes or interests.

Our Visitor Speaker Bureau is another great resource!
If you are interested in inviting a specialist on a particular aspect of Latin American culture, history, etc., to speak at your school or in your classroom, don‘€™t forget to check out our popular option, the Visitor Speakers Bureau. Click here for more information, a list of potential speakers, and a request form.

Wait, wait, there’s more! We also have new Online Curricula!
Don‘€™t forget to check out our free curricula online We have recently uploaded a new online curriculum, Ecuador’s Oil Legacy: Media Skills, Justice & Preservation, meant to accompany the film, ¡Justicia Now!: One People‘€™s Fight Against Big Oil, which is available for checkout through our LARC Lending Library.
If you have not yet registered to access our online curricula, not to worry! Registration to view and download our online resources is easy (but is required so that we can provide usage information for our Title VI funding reports), and you will receive an email confirming your registration. You can register here.

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