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VOXEU Publishes Story on Lustig, Lopez-Calva Book

June 16th, 2010

Declining Latin American inequality: Market forces or state action?
Edited by: Luis Lopez-Calva & Nora Lustig

6 June 2010

Income inequality in Latin America has declined steadily in recent years, after rising throughout the 1990s. This column presents one of the first attempts to understand why, exploring the forces behind a diminished earnings gap and increased government transfers. It says that that further redistribution would benefit both equality and growth.

Latin America is always singled out because of its high and persistent income inequality (see for example de Ferranti et al. 2004). With a Gini coefficient of 0.53 in the mid-2000s, Latin America was 18% more unequal than Sub-Saharan Africa, 36% more unequal than East Asia and the Pacific, and 65% more unequal than the high-income countries…

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