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AmericasBarometer (LAPOP)

March 3rd, 2010

The AmericasBarometer archives datasets of surveys of democratic public opinion and behavior in the Americas using national probability samples of voting-age adults. Coverage 2004 – present.

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Funding for the AmericasBarometer is provided by a grant to the Stone Center for Latin American Studies from the U.S. Department of Education‘€™s Title VI National Resource Center program.

About LAPOP:

The Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP), directed by Mitchell A. Seligson, initiated over two decades ago, is hosted by Vanderbilt University. LAPOP began with the study of democratic values in one country, Costa Rica, at a time when much of the rest of Latin America was caught in the grip of repressive regimes that widely prohibited studies of public opinion (and systematically violated human rights and civil liberties). Today, fortunately, such studies can be carried out openly and freely in virtually all countries in the region.

About AmericasBarometer:

The AmericasBarometer, one of the many and growing activities of LAPOP, is the only survey of democratic public opinion and behavior that covers the Americas. It is an effort by LAPOP to measure democratic values and behaviors in the Americas using national probability samples of voting-age adults. In 2004, the first round of AmericasBarometer surveys was implemented with eleven participating countries; the second took place in 2006 and incorporated 22 countries throughout the hemisphere. In 2008, which marks the latest round of surveys, 23 countries throughout the Americas were again included, and over 36,000 individuals.