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Students Participate in the First Annual Latin American and Latinx Studies Symposium at Rollins College

April 11th, 2019

Story by Tulane undergraduate participant Virginia “Rosie” Click.

On Friday, April 5th, ten undergraduate students from Tulane University presented their research at the First Annual Latin American and Latinx Studies Symposium at Rollins College in Orlando, Florida. Representing departments as diverse as public health and political science as well as the Stone Center for Latin American Studies, these students presented their work to an audience of their peers as well as professional scholars from various universities both across and outside of the U.S. Thanks to generous funding from the Newcomb College Institute, the Altman Program in International Studies and Business, and the Stone Center, students were able to represent Tulane on panels ranging from maternal mortality to the debt crisis to representation of marginalized groups throughout Latin America. Stone Center Assistant Director for Graduate Programs Dr. James Huck accompanied the presenters, who were eager to express their takeaways from presenting at the symposium.

Rosie Click presents her research on pre-revolution era Cuba

“I was nervous coming into the conference, but I surprised myself with how much I took away from [the experience], how much I learned about myself, and all that I learned about the other topics” said Ellie Morissey, a sophomore who presented on maternal mortality rates in Nicaragua. Other students were grateful for the experience to gain feedback and exchange ideas with other young scholars. Lindsey Golub, an Altman Scholar studying finance and Latin American Studies said that the symposium was “a unique opportunity to get feedback on my own work and to discuss common themes with scholars from all over the world. It was also great to come as part of the Tulane community.” Senior Rosie Click echoes that sentiment: “Sharing this experience with my classmates highlighted the importance of having a strong academic community during my undergraduate education. And Tulane has prepared us well for a world that values clear communication and rigorous research.”

Gabriella Zimbalist presents her research on politics and identity in Chile

The conference formerly known as the Latin American Studies Symposium expanded this year to include the growing field of Latinx Studies. The Latin American and Latinx Studies Symposium is the premier conference for undergraduates studying Latin America and the Latinx community. Rollins College began hosting in 2018, but the symposium had been held at Birmingham Southern College in Birmingham, Alabama since 1992. The symposium is open to all undergraduate students studying Latin American or Latinx Studies. For more information click here.

Sarah Foster presents her research during the conference

Tulane participants included:
  • Rachel Berwald, Pressure to Change: Domestic Legitimacy and the Chilean Dictatorship
  • Rosie Click, Cuban Counterpoint? Modernity and Capitalism in Pre-Revolution Era Cuba
  • Sarah Foster, The Power of Comics: Memorializing Terror in a Post-Shining Path Peru
  • Malcolm Grba, Coca: Extractivism’s Proliferation through Eradication in Colombia
  • Lindsey Golub, The Puerto Rican Debt Crisis: Policy Lessons from Greece and Venezuela
  • Kathryn Hahn-Madole, International, National or Local? Challenges of Stakeholder Inclusion in Implementing Liberal Refugee Policy
  • Ellie Morrissey, How Can We Reduce Maternal Mortality Rates in Rural Nicaragua?
  • Madeline Ninno, ‘One Always Loses with Modernization’: Historical Heritage and the Cultural Economy of the Mercado San Telmo
  • Allison Woolverton, The United Fruit Company and Economic Development: Banana Cultivation, Railroad Lines, and Monopoly Power
  • Gabriella Zimbalist, Political Representation of Politically Marginalized Identities in Chile

Group photo: Back row L- R Jimmy Huck, Kathryn Hahn-Madole, Malcolm Grba, Sarah Foster, Rosie Click, Allison Woolverton, Gabriella Zimbalist; Front L- R Lindsey Golub, Ellie Morrissey, Rachel Berwald,

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