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From the Tulane Hullabaloo: Tulane joins women's march in D.C.

January 27th, 2017

From the Tulane Hullabaloo. Written by Allison Buffett.

“Nearly half a million people’s footsteps echoed across Washington, D.C. during the Women’s March on Washington Saturday. Riding 20 hours from New Orleans, 56 Tulane students added their voices to the chants that rang across the capital. “My general reactions were of awe,” Nicole Carle, junior and president of Tulane Women in Politics, said. [The march] was truly people there to learn about each other, to support one another and to be cognizant of the current political climate.”

The announcement of the D.C. Women’s March followed President Donald Trump’s election. The march’s intention was to show solidarity for the protection of human rights, safety, health and families. Tulane graduate students Mira Kohl and Miranda Stramel proposed the idea of sending a bus of Tulane community members to the march.”

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