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CEQ publishes a plethora of papers

July 8th, 2016

Two articles were recently published in academic journals by researchers with the Commitment to Equity (CEQ). Sean Higgins and Nora Lustig published ‘€œCan a poverty-reducing and progressive tax and transfer system hurt the poor?‘€: in the Journal of Development Economics. Higgins and Lustig, along with Timothy Smeeding, also published ‘€œComparing the Incidence of Taxes and Social Spending in Brazil and the United States‘€: in Review of Income and Wealth.

Three other articles are currently submitted to journals and awaiting publication.
  • ‘€œFiscal Incidence in Tanzania‘€ by Stephen Younger, Flora Myamba and Kenneth Mdadila.
  • ‘€œFiscal Incidence and Poverty Reduction: Evidence from Tunisia‘€ by Abebe Shimeles, Ahmed Moummi, Nizar Jouini and Nora Lustig.
  • ‘€œThe Role of Fiscal Policy in Fighting Poverty and Reducing Inequality in Iran‘€ by Ali Enami, Nora Lustic and A. Taqdiri.

CEQ is a joint project of CIPR, the Department of Economics at Tulane University and the Inter-American Dialogue.

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