Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

Tulane University

Regionalismo of Brazil

May 2013

When you hear the word “Brazil,” what comes to mind? Tropical beaches? Carnaval? Probably sexy sun-tanned women and chiseled soccer stars – and maybe the Amazon rainforest. Truth is, though, that there is more to Brazil than a tropical paradise – really, geographically more. Have you ever heard “Brazil” and thought “cowboys” or “farmers?” In the country’s Interior region and in the state of Minas Gerais, there thrives a radically different culture from those in Rio‘€™s beaches and São Paolo’s sprawling cityscape – and these different cultures are the economic drive for this rapidly-developing country. Join Lulu Kiffer, Simone Akgulian and Pat Duffy on an exploration of the culture, stereotypes and economy of the lesser known, but extremely important parts of the Brazilian nation. Produced in spring 2013 in conjunction with Advanced Portuguese, taught by Annie Gibson and the Center for Public Service. 8:55.

Following transcripts are in Portuguese.
Brazil + People
Ana M. López
Director - Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute, Professor - Communication, Associate Provost - Office for Faculty Affairs