Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

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Sam Tabory, '11

Pencils of Promise, New York City and Guatemala City

After graduating from Tulane, Sam took a nine month contracted position as a project director with Amigos de las Américas, a Houston based community development and youth leadership organization working in Ecuador. Amigos partners directly with Plan International Ecuador to bring youth leadership programming to rural communities. For the first five months Sam split time between New Orleans and Ecuador, transitioning to living in Ecuador full-time for the last four months of the contract. Recently, Sam has made the transition to a year-long contracted position as Guatemala Project Manager with Pencils of Promise, a New York based non-profit focused on school construction and community engagement programming. He works with construction managers, community leaders, the Guatemalan Ministry of Education, and other regional non-profits in an effort to design and implement high-quality and sustainable community development programming.

Sam reflects on his LAST experience…

Why did you choose to major in Latin American Studies?
I sought out Tulane and its Stone Center for Latin American Studies because I knew that I was ultimately looking to work in Latin America on issues related to international development policy and practice.

How has your background in LAST helped you since graduation?
The undergraduate LAST program gave me the credentials and intellectual tools I needed to better understand the social, economic, and political contexts in which I’ve been living and working. Without the academic training I received at Tulane, I wouldn’t be as desirable a candidate to internationally focused non-profits, but more importantly, I simply wouldn’t be as equipped to operate effectively in the region.

In hindsight, what would you have done differently as a LAST major?
If I were do anything different as a LAST major, I maybe would have concentrated my interests a little more heavily on one research topic or another, but part of the fun of being a LAST major is that you have access to so many fields of study related to Latin America.


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Cuban National Literacy Campaign Documentary Screening: Silvio y el Poder de la Palabra

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Stone Center Masters student, Lilian Lombera has been working on this project and it is ready to launch THIS SUNDAY. Check out the launch of the new documentary & a tribute to Silvio Rodriguez y el Poder de La Palabra! Exclusive (free!) livestream presented by HotHouse. This 25-minute documentary film thoughtfully weaves archival footage of the Cuban Literacy Campaign of 1961 and a rare, exclusive interview with Cuba‘€™s iconic singer/songwriter and international recording artist, Silvio Rodriguez, as he recounts his first calling. At the age of 14, Silvio volunteered to join the brigade of over one hundred thousand teenagers that went into the Cuban mountains and countryside to teach rural campesinos how to read and write. In this exclusive interview, Silvio shares his memories on how he was impacted by the experience and how it shaped his life.

Check out the 1-minute trailer on the Literacy Project Films Youtube Channel

The event combines the debut screening of Silvio Rodriguez: Mi primera tarea, with a TRIBUTE CONCERT to Silvio Rodriguez.

The concert features globally renowned artists: Duo Made y Feña; Rochy Ameneiro-Rodrigo Garcia Ameneiro + Tania Haase (Duo Espiral); Katia and Nina Cardenal; Francisco Herrera; Quetzal; Rodstarz de Rebel Diaz and Franco Valdes; Kelvis Ochoa; Roly Berrio; Susana Baca & Lila Downs!

Central America, People and the Environment Educator Institute 2021

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This summer educator institute is the third institute in a series being offered by Tulane University, The University of Georgia and Vanderbilt University. This series of institutes is designed to enhance the presence of Central America in the K-12 classroom. Each year, participants engage with presenters, resources and other K-12 colleagues to explore diverse topics in Central America with a focus on people and the environment.

While at Tulane, the institute will explore the historic connections between the United States and Central America focusing on indigenous communities and environment while highlighting topics of social justice and environmental conservation. Join us to explore Central America and teaching strategies to implement into the classroom.

Additional details and registration will be available in the late fall 2020. For more information, please email or call 504.865.5164.