Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

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Ashley Rhodes, '10

World Bank Group, Washington, DC

Ashley Rhodes is a Watch Officer in the Security Operations Center at the World Bank Group. Ashley’s professional experience and coursework at Tulane inspired her interest in international security and political risk analysis. After graduating in 2010, Ashley moved to Washington, DC, where she quickly realized that ‘€œunpaid internship‘€ was the new ‘€œjob.‘€ She strategically accepted a position at a well-regarded think tank, a position that would expose her to the people whose careers she sought to emulate, while working full-time in a local coffee shop to pay the bills. Her hard work and professional strategy paid off. She ultimately learned of her current position and was interviewed through a contact from the internship. She is currently also pursuing a Master‘€™s degree in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University in August 2012.

Ashley shares some thoughts on her time at Tulane…

Why did you choose to major in Latin American Studies?
I spent most of high school taking advanced Spanish classes, watching The Motorcycle Diaries, and daydreaming about the summer I spent in Buenos Aires. Upon arriving at Tulane, I decided to turn my International Relations major into a double major in Latin American Studies, along with a Spanish minor. The Stone Center was instrumental in realizing these goals, both through the structure of class requirements and the phenomenal extracurricular opportunities available to LAST students.

How has your background in LAST helped you since graduation?
Although my colleagues and I all have regional specializations, the nature of shift work requires us each to be equally adept in addressing rapidly evolving geopolitical events across the globe. As the sole specialist in Latin America, I have gained significant opportunities to work closely with WBG management in a number of assessments.

Any words of wisdom for LAST undergraduates?
I would advise any LAST student to utilize the degree‘€™s flexibility, and allow it to complement one‘€™s professional interests beyond the scope first imagined as an undergraduate student. Most importantly, have enough self-confidence to work hard for free for an indefinite period of time, realizing that short-term sacrifice is worth every bit of long-term success.






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Central America: People and the Environment Asynchronous Institute

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Register now for the ASYNCHRONOUS COURSE which opens up in July
Please note, the synchronous blended institute taking place June 14 – 25 is no longer accepting registrants.

This summer educator institute is the third institute in a series being offered by Tulane University, The University of Georgia and Vanderbilt University. This series of institutes is designed to enhance the presence of Central America in the K-12 classroom. Each year, participants engage with presenters, resources and other K-12 colleagues to explore diverse topics in Central America with a focus on people and the environment. It is not required to have participated in past institutes to join us.

The Stone Center for Latin American Studies at Tulane University is excited to host and coordinate this year’s institute. Tulane University and New Orleans are both unique and important places to explore the deep connections to Central America with a focus on people and environment. With presentations by leading historians and sociologists on Central America, environment and race we are excited to share the work and resources from presenters as well as the unique resources at Tulane.


NOW REGISTERING FOR THE ASYNCHRONOUS INSTITUTE For more information, please email or call 504.865.5164. Space is limited.