Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

Tulane University

Fronteras Explores Important Issues

September 6th, 2011

Through performance and specialized workshops, the Stone Center‘€™s Latin American Resource Center collaborates to engage the community with Latin America and issues of immigration through the performance Fronteras.

This past summer, the Latin American Resource Center sponsored performance workshops with local New Orleans performance groups Goat in the Road Productions, Grupo NOHA (New Orleans Hispano América) and avant-garde theatre troupe from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, Grupo de Teatro Artzénico. The project consisted of a series of workshops for students at The Contemporary Arts Center and Grupo NOHA to explore issues of ‘€œfronteras‘€ and ended with a culminating performance at The Shadowbox Theater, entitled Fronteras. The performance showcased the series of workshops and issues explored during Artzénico‘€™s three week residency in New Orleans. The performance was standing room only and was a huge success. The exchange inspired all performers and students to discuss future residencies and continued exchange on issues of ‘€œfronteras.‘€ This residency was also sponsored by a grant from the National Performance Network‘€™s Performing Americas Program and the Contemporary Arts Center.

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Antonio Barrios
Clinical Assistant Professor - Urology Department, Director - International Liaison for Advanced Urologic Care