Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

Tulane University

Symposium: Latin American Institutions & Democracies

March 24th, 2011

100a Jones Hall, Greenleaf Conference Room
Jones Hall is #25 on this uptown campus map.

Representativeness and Effectiveness in

The Center for Inter-American Policy and Research is proud to announce a one-day symposium, open to the the public, on the Representativeness and Effectiveness of Latin American Institutions and Democracies. Join 12 scholars from different countries and disciplines (political science, sociology and law) as they examine institutions in the region – how do these variables work in congress, judicial institutions and civil society? Are some more important when building a strong democracy? What are their relationships?




SCHEDULE (PDF version. Please print before attending.)

8:30-10:30 Session I


  • Eduardo Alemán, University of Houston
    Reflections on the Effectiveness and Representativeness of the Chilean Congress
  • María Amparo Casar, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, A.C. México
    Representation and Decision Making in the Mexican Congress
  • Mark Jones, Rice University
    Peronism and the Functioning of the Argentine Congress
  • Moira MacKinnon, Tulane University
    Congress in Action: Representativeness and Effectiveness in Chile and Argentina 1900-1930
  • Lucio Renno, Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil
    Reelection and Legislative Power: Surprising Results from Brazil

10:30-10:45 Coffee Break

10:45-12:15 Session II


  • Javier Couso, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile
    The Role of Chile’s Constitutional Court in the Consolidation of Democracy (1990-2010)
  • Matt Ingram, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
    Ideational Origins of Judicial Strength: Progressive Court Building in the Brazilian States of Acre, Rio Grande do Sul, and Maranhão
  • Julio Ríos, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, A.C. México
    Effectiveness and Representativeness of Judicial Institutions in Mexico’s Transition to Democracy
  • Daniel A. Sabsay, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Judiciary and Democracy in Argentina and other Latin American Countries

12:30-2:00 Lunch

2:15-3:45 Session III


  • Evelina Dagnino, University of Campinas, Brazil
    Meanings and Challenges of ‘Representativeness’ in Brazilian Civil Society
  • Gonzalo de la Maza, Universidad de los Lagos, Chile
    Democratic Institutions and Political Effectiveness of Post 90s Chilean Civil Society
  • Alberto J. Olvera, Universidad Veracruzana, México
    Deficits of Representation and Lack of Effectiveness in Mexican Civil Society: the Historical Causes
  • Enrique Peruzzotti, Universidad Di Tella, Argentina
    Civil Society and Democratic Representation

3:45-4:30 Session IV








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