Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

Tulane University

Graduate Student 2010 Summer Field Research Symposium

November 13th, 2010
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

100A Jones Hall
Greenleaf Conference Room
Tulane University
Uptown Campus

Graduate students who received summer research grants through the Stone Center will present their experiences. Admission is free and open to the public. This event is sponsored by The Stone Center for Latin American Studies. For more information please contact Jonathan Kim at

Panel 1: 9:00 am – 10:15am

  • Kristen Evans: “Going into the REDD: Will Payments for Ecosystem Services Work for Communities?”
  • Michael Rodgers: “Comparison of Garifuna Identity Performance as Manifested in Discourse”
  • Nicole Katin: “Preliminary Survey of Land Use in Pedro de Toledo”
  • David Chatelain: “Investigation of Ritual Causeway at Choque Ispana, Peru”
  • Samantha Greenspun: “Evaluation of Implementability of Inter-American Dialogue’s Social Report Card in Chile”

Panel 2: 10:30 am – 11:45 am

  • Kurt Hofer: “Cultural Production of the Argentine Left, 1966-1973”
  • Maria Aguilar: “Indigenous Activism and National Political Projects in Bolivia Prior and During the Revolution of 1952”
  • Keri Libby: “Dignity in Development: The Case of Argentina’s Worker Controlled Factories”
  • Seth Magden: “Watch out for Falling Prices! Evaluating the Expansion of Wal-Mart de Mexico”

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm: LUNCH BREAK

Panel 3: 1:00 pm – 2:15 pm

  • Rachel Horowitz: “Differential Lithic Material Use at Popla, Yucatan”
  • Erland Johnson: “Mapping and Exploring Newly Discovered and Unknown Archaeological Sites in the Vicinity of the Classic Maya Center at La Corona”
  • Carrie Parris: “El Achiotal Reconnaissance: Assessing the Feasibility of Dissertation Research at El Achiotal, Guatemala”
  • Haley Holt: “Investigations of Early Classic Ceramics from the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico”
  • Allen Rutherford: “Investigating Households at the Early Horizon Fortification of Cerro Colorado, Huaura Valley, Peru”

Panel 4: 2:30 pm – 3:45 pm

  • Justin Yeager: “Examining the Intersection between Strong Natural and Sexual Selection Pressures Driving Phenotypic Divergence of a Polymorphic Species of Panamanian Poison Frog, Dendrobates (Oophaga) pumilio”
  • Deborah Visco: “Do Birds in Fragmented Tropical Forest Landscapes Experience Altered Nest Predation?”
  • Tessa Roorda: “Anthropogenic Impacts on Gene Flow in Plants: How Seed Dispersal Communities Respond to Fragmentation in Brazil’s Atlantic Coastal Forest”
  • Claire Sheller: “Individual Identification of White-Faced Capuchins (Cebus capucinus) in Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica”

Photo by Ecology & Evolutionary Biology graduate student Deborah Visco




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The Latin American Library's Annual Open House

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The Latin American Library will be hosting its annual open house event on Friday, September 21. This annual event will welcome back faculty, students, staff, and friends from the New Orleans community. The event will include a talk by Colombian visual artist Erika Diettes, an exhibit of recent acquisitions, a book sale, and as always much more!

The event is free and open to the public.

For more information contact Madeline White via email ( or by phone at (504) 865-5681.

MARI Brown Bag Series to host PhD candidate Evan Parker for talk on jade offerings in Maya plaza

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The Middle American Research Institute is happy to announce the first talk of the 2018-2019 Brown Bag talk series. Evan Parker, Ph.D Candidate in the Department of Anthropology, will present his research in a talk titled The Tzimin Jades of Paso del Macho: Description and Analysis of a Middle Preclassic Maya Plaza Offering.

MARI’s Brown Bag talk series is meant to provide a venue for students and faculty focusing on topics related to Mesoamerica to discuss their latest research in an informal and friendly setting. If you are interested in presenting, please email Jessica Melancon ( for more information.

For the current speaker list of this talk series, visit the MARI Brown Bag website.

Film Screening: El Súper with filmmaker Iván Acosta

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The 1979 film version of Cuban filmmaker Ivan Acosta’s award-winning play El Súper, which gained critical and international success for its depiction of exiled Cubans in New York City, will be screened. Mr. Acosta will be in attendance and a discussion in English will follow. Iván Acosta is a playwright, filmmaker, and creative director originally from Santiago de Cuba, now in New York City. His creative endeavors include documentaries, plays, films, and books, and he’s served as writer, director, and producer, among other roles.

A small reception will follow the screening. Seating may be limited. Admission is free and open to the public. For questions email

For further reading visit:

Collaborators of these events with the New Orleans Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Tulane’s Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute include Beatriz Ball, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana, the Newcomb Art Museum, Park View Historic Hotel, and St. Mary’s Dominican High School.

Equity speaker series to host panel on navigating immigrant relations in the current political climate

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The Center for Academic Equity at Tulane University is proud to present Border Li(n)es: Excluding, Extracting, and Expelling Immigrants in the Southern U.S. on September 25, 2018 at 7:00 PM as part of the Equity Speaker Series.

Following a summer of turbulent immigration relations in the United States, the Fall 2018 Equity Speaker Panel will focus on immigration on our Southern border and will feature specialists whose experiences vary from grassroots to professorial work. Panelists will include Josiah Heyman, Director of the Center for Inter-American and Border Studies, Ronald Martinez, New Orleans immigrant activist and spokesperson for the Congress of Day Laborers, Hiroko Kusuda, Clinical Professor and Director of Immigration Law at the Smith Law Clinic and Center for Social Justice at Loyola, and Laila Hlass, Clinical Professor of Law at Tulane Law School and the Stone Center for Latin American Studies.

These four distinguished speakers will share the stage of Freeman Auditorium to discuss the drastic variation in immigrant relations across the national, regional, and local spaces and ways that members of American society may become engaged in or change the now toxic and polarized political climate. This inaugural discussion will be followed by a question and answer session.

See also Tulane New Wave for more information and a description of the event.

Cover photo from CNN story What the US-Mexico border looks like before Trump’s wall.

Mexican Cultural Institute's new exhibition features Hispanic women artists' empowerment and identity

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The Mexican Cultural Institute in New Orleans in collaboration with the New Orleans Hispanic Heritage Foundation is proud to announce the opening of the groundbreaking exhibition Hispanic Women Making Art: Creative Empowerment and Identity. The exhibition will feature artists Verónica Bapé, Belinda Flores-Shinshillas, Ana Hernandez, Josephine Sacabo, Laura Velez and Luba Zygarewicz and is curated by Marcela Correa, MFA.

The opening reception will be held on September 26 from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM. The exhibition will be open beginning September 26 and continue through November 24, 2018. For more information, please visit the Mexican Cultural Institute website.

Cover photo is a work by Verónica Bapé from the series ABUNDANTE COSA 1 MES 1 ARTISTA.

In 2018 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico established the Mexican Cultural Institute in New Orleans. The primary objective of the Mexican Cultural Institute is to promote the image of Mexico by supporting cultural expressions in its broadest and fullest sense, including multidisciplinary forms like visual arts, music, performing arts, film, literature and gastronomy. The mission of the Cultural Institutes is to be protagonists of the cultural scene in their different host cities.

Iván Acosta book presentation: With A Cuban Song in the Heart / Con Una Canción Cubana en el Corazón

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Iván Acosta will present his memoir, With a Cuban Song in the Heart/ Con Una Canción Cubana en el Corazón, published by Un-Gyve Press, 2017. At this event, Mr. Acosta will incorporate his favorite Cuban songs in a musical and historical journey. His book features artwork from 280 album covers in his private collection and weaves a rich narrative combining real life experiences from his childhood in Santiago, Cuba along with tidbits of local lore and historical references. His favorite songs will be performed by local performers during the presentation.
This fascinating presentation, starting at 6:00PM, will be held at Tulane University in the Freeman Auditorium of the Newcomb Art Building (in Newcomb Circle) New Orleans, LA, 70118. A book signing and reception will follow on Woodward Way, right outside the Freeman Auditorium and in the Newcomb Art Museum. The book will be available for purchase for $60.00.

This event is free and open to the public. For questions email

For further reading visit:

Collaborators of these events with the New Orleans Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Tulane’s Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute include Beatriz Ball, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana, the Newcomb Art Museum, Park View Historic Hotel, and St. Mary’s Dominican High School.