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Idelber Avelar Wins Prestigious ACLS Fellowship

March 1st, 2010

The Stone Center for Latin American Studies is proud to announce that Idelber Avelar of Tulane’s Department of Spanish & Portuguese has won a prestigious ACLS (American Council of Learned Societies) fellowship for 2010-2011. ACLS, a private, nonprofit federation of seventy national scholarly organizations, is the preeminent representative of American scholarship in the humanities and related social sciences. Professor Avelar will be using this grant to finish his book project ‘€œRethinking Masculinity in Contemporary Brazilian and Argentinian Literatures‘€ and will be on leave for 2010-2011. He is also the author of The Untimely Present: Postdictatorial Latin American Fiction and the Task of Mourning (Duke, 1999) and The Letter of Violence: Essays on Narrative, Ethics, and Politics (Palgrave, 2004) as well as hundreds of scholarly articles in various national and international journals.

Abstract of Professor Avelar’s Research:

This study traces the representation of masculinity in selected moments of contemporary Brazilian and Argentine literatures. My starting point is the model of revolutionary masculinity proposed by political movements of the 1960s/1970s and its subsequent crisis. Anchored in the sociology of gender, feminist theory, and cultural studies, I study several novels that have addressed questions such as: gay challenges to hegemonic masculinity, the perception of a crisis in male self-images, transformations in labor force and family structure, women’s appropriations of traits assumed to be masculine. Authors to be studied include Brazilians Fernando Gabeira, Silviano Santiago, Ana Miranda, and Caio Abreu, as well as Argentines Miguel Bonasso, Alan Pauls, Néstor Perlongher, and Gustavo Ferreyra.