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Beyond the Book: Mayeros - A Yucatec Maya Family

About the Project

This project was initially conceived as a collaborative effort between The Stone Center for Latin American Studies at Tulane University and The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to create a “Moving Museum” about Latin America. This collaborative “museum” would travel to elementary schools around the nation as part of the outreach activities funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Title VI grant to our centers, both designated National Resource Centers on Latin America. Given the difficulties inherent in staffing a moving museum, the project evolved into Beyond the Book. The original premise of the project was to promote the study of Latin America at the elementary level through the use of material culture. We have maintained this original goal while expanding upon it to include the wonderful element of children’s literature through the use of Mayeros: A Yucatec Maya Family by George Ancona. Authentic items of modern Maya culture for use with Beyond the Book are available to educators free of charge through the lending library of the Latin American Resource Center, the outreach facility of the Stone Center.

This project has been made possible by: the U.S. Department of Education’s International Education and Graduate Programs Office which administers the Title VI National Resource Center program; Valerie McGinley Marshall, Director of Development and External Programs at the Stone Center for Latin American Studies, Tulane University, director of the project; Elizabeth Van Sant, author of articles and curricular materials on Latin America and current Ph.D. candidate in Latin American Studies at Tulane University, project coordinator, author, and editor; Julie Kline, Outreach and Academic Program Coordinator at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, chair of the Américas Award for excellence in juvenile literature depicting Latin American or Hispanic-American culture; George Ancona, author of Mayeros: A Yucatec Maya Family; the Master Teacher Advisory Group: Dawn Cox-Hefte, Hélène Karmona, Vilma Lally, Marie Odile Langhorne, and Tory Pegram Campbell, Program Coordinator of the Latin American Resource Center. A very special thanks to Irma Josefina O’Neill of New Visions for Public Schools in New York City and Foreign Language Consultant Mari Haas, leaders in the use of children’s literature as a tool for elementary language instruction. Adam Krob of Tulane Information Services graciously provided the skills and tools necessary to transform this project from the printed page to a virtual classroom.

Download the Book Here

Download a PDF of the entire curricula on the Beyond the Book: Mayeros – A Yucatec Maya Family page


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