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Gabriel Chouhy

Zemurray-Stone Post-Doctoral Fellow - Latin American Studies

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Research & Teaching Specializations: Political Sociology, Political Economy, Education Policy, Chile

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  • Spanish
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  • Chile
Selected Publications
  • Forthcoming. “Beyond the Pink Tide: Hegemony, Democratization and Post-Neoliberal Transitions.” Boundary 2: An International Journal of Literature and Culture.
  • 2013. “A Specter Haunts the Neoliberal Globe: Reworking the Communist Hypothesis through the Chilean Student Movement.” In Global Movements, National Grievances Mobilizing for “Real Democracy” and Social Justice, edited by Benjamín Tejerina and Ignacia Perugorría. Bilbao: Universidad del País Vasco.
  • 2009. “Las marcas de clase de la inseguridad ciudadana: juventud y pobreza. Miedo urbano y estigmas en Montevideo. [The Class Markers of Insecurity, Youth, and Poverty: Urban Fear and Stigma in Montevideo.]” Revista de Ciencias Sociales 25:46-59. (with Sebastián Aguiar and Laura Noboa).
  • 2008. “Trayectorias, posiciones y disposiciones de las personas en situación de calle: bases para la construcción de un modelo analítico [Trajectories, Positions, and Dispositions of the Homeless: Bases for Constructing an Analytic Model].” In El Uruguay y la Sociología VI[Uruguay and Sociology VI]. Montevideo: Universidad de la República.
  • 2007. Aguiar, Sebastián, Gabriel Chouhy and Verónica Filardo “Genética de la Inseguridad Ciudadana [Genetics of Public Insecurity].” In El Uruguay y la Sociología V [Uruguay and Sociology V]. Montevideo: Universidad de la República.

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