Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

Tulane University

XV Annual Tulane University Student Conference on Latin America

December 2nd, 2017

Jones Hall 102, Jones Hall 108, Greenleaf Conference Room (Jones Hall 100A)

XV Annual Tulane University Student Conference on Latin America

  • Saturday Dec. 2, 2017
  • Jones Hall 102 & 108
  • Coffee and Welcome 8:30-9:00
  • Join the Stone Center for Latin American Studies for the XV Annual TUSCLA Conference featuring research produced by undergraduate and graduate students. See schedule below.

SESSION I 9:00-10:30

Panel 1: Creativity (Jones 102)
A Arte de Representar: Art and Citizenship in Brazil

  • Emily Murphy, Erotic Designs: Teresinha Soares, Pop Art and the Politics of Gender under Brazil’s Military Dictatorship
  • Reut Shuker, The New Cinematic Favela Shaped by Singularity
  • Abigail Cramer, The Art of Creative Compromise: Feminist Street Art Collective Rede Nami and Female Empowerment in Brazil

Discussant: Dr. Daniel Gough, Stone Center for Latin American Studies

Panel 2: Land (Jones 108)
Forces of Nature: New Directions in Environmental Studies and Tropical Ecology

  • Samuel Leberg, An Analysis of Anthropogenic Effects on Tropical Stream Communities
  • Stephen A. Cortese, Climate Change and Your Health: Primate Health Responses to Extreme Drought in Northwestern Costa Rica
  • Rebecca Wang, The Relationship Between Locals and Sea Lions of the Galápagos: Conservation, Education and Culture

Discussant: Dr. Renata Durães Ribeiro, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

SESSION II 10:45-12:15

Panel 3: Nation (Jones 102)
People, Politics and Policy: Perspectives on Argentine History and Society

  • Julianna Lewis, Salta a Eliminar el Zika: Perceptions on Prevention Campaigns in Salta, Argentina
  • Rachel Lewis, The Case of the Missing iPhones: Protectionism and Ethno-nationalism in Contemporary Argentina
  • Jack Quinn, More Than a Game: The Insidious Politics of Argentina’s 1978 World Cup

Discussant Dr. Maria Akchurin, Center for Inter-American Policy Research

Panel 4: Identity (Jones 108)
Delusions of Gender: Discrimination, (Mis)Representation and the Struggle for Rights

  • Olivia Bancroft, The Illusion of Equality: Gender Legislation and the Persistence of Patriarchy in Revolutionary Cuba, 1975-1991
  • Eliza Kauffman, Peruvian Legal Frameworks of Mining: Rethinking Indigeneity, Femininity, and Environmentalism
  • Alessandra Scher, The Impact of Discrimination and Stigma on HIV/AIDS Vulnerability of LGBT Individuals in Arica, Chile

Discussant: Pamela Neumann, The Stone Center for Latin American Studies

Lunch 12:15-1:00
(Greenleaf Conference Room. By Invitation Only)

SESSION III 1:00-3:15

Panel 5: Encounter (Jones 102)
Revisiting Indigenismo: Cultural Encounters in the Colonial, Post-Colonial and Neo-Colonial World

  • Hayley Woodward, Compressing History: Excavating Meaning from the Codex Xolotl Fragments
  • Adriana Obiols, Avant-gardism, Transnationality, and Exotification in the Work of Carlos Mérida
  • Nicholas Melara, Emancipation or Appeasement? The Guatemalan Government’s Role in Mayan Language Revitalization
  • Mallory Hazell, The Comadrona Conundrum: State Sponsored Cultural Inclusivity and Guatemalan Birthing Practices

Discussant: Dr. Justin Wolfe, Department of History

Panel 6: Welfare (Jones 108)
Lives in Between: Ethnicity, Citizenship and Inequality in the Americas

  • Reyna Fa-Kaji, Weak Foundations: Public Housing and the Promise of Citizenship in Brazil
  • Hannah Craig, Seeking Refuge: The Syrian Refugee Community in Santiago, Chile
  • Karla Rosas, Freedom in Shackles: The Criminalization of Latina Immigrants in “Alternatives to Detention” Programs

Discussant: Dr. Felipe Cruz, Department of History

For a full copy of the program, please click here.

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