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Introduction to Brazil

These curricula examine the culture, language, geography, and foods of Brazil. They were created to encourage the introduction of these topics into classes about Latin America and serve to promote interdisciplinary teaching in the high school classroom. They are a product of annual summer teacher institutes sponsored by the Stone Center for Latin American Studies at Tulane University, the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute at the University of Georgia, and the Center for Latin American Studies at Vanderbilt University.

This unit follows an interdisciplinary model of incorporating area studies across disciplines in order to construct a deeper understanding about Brazil and the Portuguese language in the high school classroom.

Portuguese for Spanish Learners presents an in-depth and extensive introduction to the Portuguese language for students with some Spanish knowledge. Includes the integration of Brazilian culture in the language lessons.

Brazilian Culture and Identity instructs students about the geography, culture, and identity of Brazil in Spanish.

Introducing Portuguese to the Spanish Classroom This unit introduces intermediate and advanced Spanish students to Brazilian Portuguese and the culture and environment of Brazil.

Glossary and Additional Resources provides a list of book and web based resources with information on Brazil, teaching about Brazil, and defines terms which may be unfamiliar to some users.

Audio Resources Podcast series produced by the Stone Center for Latin American Studies’ Enlaces Américas podcast series. Professor Annie Gibson incorporated service learning into this Advanced Portuguese language course. These podcasts serve to encourage educators to connect their students to the community.

This unit is designed to be used by teachers primarily in the Spanish classroom to promote knowledge and integration of the study of Brazil and Portuguese. Brazil, as the non-Spanish speaking part of Latin America, receives less attention in the classroom, and these resources provide ways in which to integrate Brazil, Brazilian culture, and the Portuguese language into the Spanish classroom.

Lou Tolosa-Casadont, Clinical Associate Professor
University of Georgia, GA

Laura Beasley, Educator
Father Ryan High School, TN

Elizabeth Allen, Educator
Father Ryan High School, TN

Denise Woltering Vargas, Senior Program Manager
Tulane University, LA

Rachel A. Horowitz, Anthropologist

Annie Gibson
Tulane University, LA


Brazil + People
Jack C. Ling
Emeritus Clinical Professor - Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences