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Tulane University

Dan M. Healan

Professor - Anthropology

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  • B.A., Georgia State University, Anthropology, 1967
  • M.A., University of Missouri, Anthropology, 1970
  • Ph.D., University of Missouri, Anthropology, 1973

Academic Experience

  • Professor, Tulane University, 1996-
  • Associate Professor, Tulane University, 1984-1996
  • Assistant Professor, Tulane University, 1977-1984
  • Assistant Professor, Baylor University, 1974-1977
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Tulane University, 1973-1974

Research & Teaching Specializations: Mexico; Archaeological Ceramics; Household and Settlement Patterns

Related Experience

  • Chair, Department of Anthropology
  • Field Supervisor, Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia Proyecto Tula Chico, Tula, Hidalgo, Mexico, 2002
  • Editorial Committee, Revista Arqueologica, Mexico, 1997
  • Editorial Advisory Committee, Latin American Antiquity, 1991-
  • Project Director, Tulane University Zinapecuaro-Ucareo Research Project, Zinapecuaro, Michoacan, Mexico, 1990-1995


  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA/ASEE Fellowship, Applications of Remote Sensing Technology to Archaeology, 1992
  • National Science Foundation, Anthropology Program Grant, 1980, 1986


  • Spanish

Selected Publications

  • 2009. “Four hundred years of settlement and cultural continuity in Epiclassic and Early Postclassic Tula.” In The Art of Urbanism. W. Fash and L. Lopez Lujan, eds. Washington D.C.: Dumbarton Oaks. 290-329.
  • 2009. “Ground platform preparation and the “banalization” of theprismatic blade.” Ancient Mesoamerica 20: 103-111.
  • 2008. “The Role of Late Pre-Contact Colonial Enclaves in the Development of the Postclassic Ucareo Valley, Michoacan, Mexico.” With Hernandez, C. Ancient Mesoamerica. 19: 265-282.
  • 2006. “The long and short of prismatic blades.” Human Mosaic. 36: 29-36.
  • 2005. “Nuevos datos acerca del desarollo de la tecnología de núcleos prismáticos en la fuente de obsidiana, Ucareo, Michoacán.” In El Antiguo Occidente de México. E. Williams, P. Weigand, and D. Grove, eds. Zamora, Michoacan, Mexico: Colegio de Michoacán. 171-185.
  • 2004. “Extraccion prehispanica de obsidiana en el area de Ucareo-Zinapecuaro, Michoacan.” In Bienes Estrategicos del Antiguo Occidente de Mexico. Eduardo Williams, editor. Zamora: Colegio de Michoacan.
  • 1989. Tula of the Toltecs: Excavations and Survey. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press.

Recently-Taught Latin American-Related Courses: Human Origins; Highland Mexico Prehistory

Number of Dissertations or Theses Supervised in the Past 5 Years: 4