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Students, Parents learn about Writing and Other Cultures with Author Antonio Sacre

December 11th, 2014

Award winning author and performer Antonio Sacre performed at the Pebbles Center West Bank at the Algiers Regional Branch of the New Orleans Public Library on December 9th to a capacity crowd of over 60 children and parents.

Sacre began his performance by talking about the writing process. He showed one of his notebooks, filled with writing, sketches, and blank pages. He also entertained while relating the early failures, followed by the successes, of his first book, The Barking Mouse. Sacre told attendees that the book had been rejected over 100 times before it was accepted by publishers! Sacre used this as a teaching moment to encourage students not to be discouraged by failure.

The highlight of Sacre‘€™s visit was his telling of the stories featured in The Barking Mouse, which talks about a mouse family who encounters a cat, and A Mango in the Hand, a story about a boy picking his first mango. Both stories draw on Sacre‘€™s Cuban heritage (The Barking Mouse is a retelling of a Cuban folktale and A Mango in the Hand uses traditional Cuban phrases throughout). Attendees were encouraged to contribute throughout with Sacre asking for responses about attendee‘€™s favorite fruits and the composition of families.

Attendees also enjoyed snacks and activities related to Sacre‘€™s books after the performance.

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