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Roots of Racism in Brazilian Education

May 2013.
Photo courtesy of Alex Castro.

For many young adults, the long process of applying to universities is all too familiar. While students in the US stress about SAT scores and writing stellar essays, college hopefuls in Brazil focus on just one exam, the vestibular. Though upper-class private schools provide tutoring and special classes early on, low-income students lack resources to properly prepare for this exam. And, complicating the matter further, there is a strong link between darker skin and lower class. While public universities have implemented quotas in an attempt to overcome these disadvantages, roots of racism in Brazilian education run deep. Sutton Bailey and Riley Russell tell the stories of two very different college experiences. Produced in spring 2013 in conjunction with Advanced Portuguese, taught by Annie Gibson and the Center for Public Service. 7:46.

  • Full transcript of this podcast can be downloaded (which includes full Portuguese interviews) can be found here
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