Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

Tulane University

Stone Center for Latin American Studies Summer Research Symposium

November 3rd, 2012
8-4 pm

Greenleaf Conference Room, Stone Center for Latin American Studies

The Stone Center presents a Summer Research Symposium at which Stone Center graduate students will present the results of research carried out this past summer supported by Stone Center Tinker Research Grants.


8:00-8:30am – Continental Breakfast

8:30am-10:05am Panel 1 – Politics, Policy, and Culture in Contemporary Society

James Whitaker – “The Contemporary Landscape of the Makushi Society in Guyana”

Matthew Olson – “The Alternative Politics of Local Development and Accountable International Aid in Post-Earthquake Haiti”

Diana Soto – “Politics of Contention in 2012 Mexican Elections”

Scarlett Andrews – “Local Understandings of Foodways and Urban Space in the Peruvian Amazon”

Mary Ellen Stitt – “Restorative Justice (Mediation) Policing Project in Belo Horizonte, Brazil”

9:45am-10:05am Discussion

10:15am-12:05pm Panel 2 – Contemporary Performance, Art, & Language

Patricia Anderson – “A Linguistic Survey of Maya Multilingualism in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala”

Dan Castilow – “Interrogating Dougla Performance in Trinidad’s Carnival”

Bianka Ballina Calderon – “Unifying Divergences: An Analysis of Audiovisual Production in Post-Special Period Cuba”

Whitney Raynor – “Visual Art and Narratives of Disaster on the Streets of Port-au-Prince”

Corrie Boudreaux – “On Display: The Performance of Violence in Public Space in Ciudad Juarez”

11:45am-12:05pm Discussion

12:05pm-12:45pm Lunch Break

12:45pm-2:20pm Panel 3 – Re-examining the Past

Lucia Abramovich – “Exploring the Patronage, Production, and Craftsmanship of Silver Works in Colonial Bolivia”

Farren Yero – “Afro-Creole Society in the Silver City: Zacatecas, Mexico 1700-1750”

Stephanie Parham – “Gender, Labor, and the Working Class in Guatemala City, 1944-1986”

Carlos Cappelino-Fuentes – “Representations of Indigenous and Spaces in Photographers from Southern Peru in the Early Twentieth Century: Martin Chambi and Vargas Brothers”

Heidi Krajewski – “Urban Working-Class Politics in Nicaragua during the Somoza Dictatorship”

2:00pm-2:20pm Discussion

2:30pm-3:50pm Panel 4 Methods in Archaeology & Biology

Jenny Hazlehurst – “Effects of pollination network structure on the reproductive success of a hummingbird-pollinated plant”

Maggie MacPherson – “Testing hypotheses for the evolution of migration: a comparative approach contrasting migrant systems”

Ximena Chavez Balderas – “Funerary rituals and sacrificial practices: field osteoarchaeology at the Moche site, Peru”

Brittany Dement – “Excavation and Trauma Analysis at the New Temple, Pyramids of Moche Archaeological Site, Peru”

3:30pm-3:50pm – Discussion

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La Hora del Cuento: Summer Bilingual Story Hour at the Pebbles Center

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This summer, join us for La hora del cuenta bilingual readings series at the Pebbles Centers of the New Orleans Public Libraries!

On the first and last Saturday of every month, we will read a bilingual book at the Algiers Regional Library and the Children’s Resource Center Library beginning on Saturday April 28 until Saturday, August 25. Children and parents welcome!

Story Hours Dates and Locations

Algiers Regional Branch
Saturday, May 5
2:30 PM

Saturday, June 2
2:30 PM

Saturday, July 7
2:30 PM

Saturday, August 4
2:30 PM

Children’s Resource Center Library
Saturday, April 28
12:00 PM

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12:00 PM

Saturday, July 28
12:00 PM

Saturday, August 25
12:00 PM