Roger Thayer Stone Center For Latin American Studies

Tulane University

Federico M. Rossi

Former CIPR Post-Doctoral Fellow (2013-2014)

Federico M. Rossi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After completing his Bachelor in Political Science at the Universidad de Buenos Aires he went to Florence. In Italy he obtained at the European University Institute a Ph.D. in Political and Social Sciences in 2011. His research interests have included national and transnational social movements, protest, trade unions, democratization, and youth political participation. His field research has, to date, been primarily in Argentina, Brazil and Italy and he has written on the assemblies‘€™ movement of Buenos Aires, the piqueteros movement in Argentina, land reform movements in Brazil, transnational movements, trade unions and globalization in Latin America, democratization and contentious politics, and youth political participation.

Federico is working on two edited books and a monograph. The first volume, co-edited and co-authored with Eduardo Silva, is about the neoliberal critical juncture and the second wave of incorporation in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela. The second volume, co-edited and co-authored with Marisa von Bülow, is a collection of theoretical contributions to the general literature on contentious politics by scholars studying social movements in Latin America. Finally, he is working on a single-authored monograph about the second wave of incorporation and territorial politics in Argentina.

Federico M. Rossi’s Curriculum Vitae